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 The Violet Guide to the Assembly

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PostSubject: The Violet Guide to the Assembly   Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:45 am

The Violet Moon Assembly exists to protect the people of the Republic. Designed to become an autonomous ‘cell’ on behalf of the Senate and the Jedi Council, we act like a special ops group. From anything to diplomatic interventions, vanguard strike teams, rescue missions or secret trades, we are your port of call for anywhere in the galaxy.

All skills are welcome and encouraged, though neither Council nor Senate cannot be seen to aid criminals. We are currently on the look-out for skilled fighters and trade contacts however no skilled person will be turned away.

As things stand, Jedi Merla Shari and Captain Darvell Tyrene report the Assembly’s dealings to the Council and Senate respectively, and related missions given by them to the members. However the Assembly is free to act on their own intel. in any situation, if it is required. Members are encouraged to seek out ways to assist.

While not on a mission, members are free to engage in normal activity and will be notified when they’re needed. Though ignoring a call too many times may affect your position within the Assembly. Dedication to the cause and loyalty to the Republic will be rewarded.

This is a guide for both prospective and new members! Our main aim is, of course, to enjoy ourselves and, to make sure everyone else does to, we created this Guide to give you an idea on how we run as a guild. These apply to Out Of Character issues.

1) Ranks: In this guild, ranks are given out of character. After all, you wouldn’t want a back-handed smuggler bossing your war-hardened trooper around! We are all the same, when it comes down to it, and all want this to be fun so no pulling rank when things don’t go your way.

Everyone who joins the guild starts at Recruit rank for three weeks. This three week period is to give the person a feel for the guild and so that everyone can get to know them (be nice…). On the RP side of things, this is when the character shall become known by the Assembly recruiters – how is dependent on the character in question.
After three weeks, if all is well, the Recruit will become a full Member. This will be accompanied by an induction into the Assembly in character (if they haven’t had one already). If something is wrong, the Recruit will be approached by an Officer to discuss if this is really the guild for them.

Members are the backbone of the guild, without which we would have to wobble about as a floppy mess. Members are welcome to initiate RP in any form: setting up events, sitting in the cantina and chatting to people, anything you wish! No member is ‘above’ any other, though, so no pestering the newbies.

This is a special rank awarded to those who have supported the guild for a long amount of time. It’s not just automatically awarded to those who have been with us for x amount of time, but for those who have really shown themselves to be an irreplaceable asset. This brings with it many perks, though in this early stage of the game, those perks are yet to be decided!

OFFICERS – Darvell, Kuro and Kalther
There are four Officers (at the time of writing) who, along with the Guildmaster, run the Assembly. We deal with anything from recruiting to member disputes and major guild decisions. No single one of us is in charge or has higher power over the others and all decisions are agreed on between us. We are your go-to guys and gals for anything guild related. We are also the only ones able to recruit people and change ranks and only the Guildmaster can remove someone from the guild.

That’s me. Hello. When it comes to decisions, I am just another Officer, however I am the one who implements a decision when it’s made and who ultimately has the last say on things. I like chocolate chip cookies.

The rank for alternative characters. See point 4) for details

2) Us Officers are a nice bunch of folks (though keep an eye on that Kalther). Generally if you have a problem within the guild, no matter how small it may seem, we ask that you let us know. We will endeavour to sort it out for you, as we wish everyone to enjoy the game as much as we do. Generally there will be one or more of us online during the day so if you have a dispute with a fellow member, wish to recruit a friend you’ve met, or have accidently set the guild bank on fire, do let us know as soon as you can. If the guild bank, or your friend, is on fire feel free to rectify it before letting us know.
Even if one of us is messing about, or annoying you for some reason (even Guildmaster Merla!) let another Officer know and we shall have quiet words with them. We don’t see ourselves as ‘above’ you in any way so if power goes to someone’s head, it will need to be dealt with!

3) As those of us who started this guild up know each other outside of the game we are on first name terms, rather than character name. We encourage others to do the same, but if you don’t want your real name to be known that’s fine too. If you are ever unsure on who anyone is referring to however, do ask. We won’t judge. It can be confusing for anyone!

4) Alts: for you alt-loving fiends we allow members up to two alts in the guild – these are in The Irregulars rank. You can switch them out at any time, if you’re that kind of person, or switch one with your main character. If you do want to switch your main character, let an Officer know and we will sort this out for you. Your current main character will become an Irregular, and your alt will become the same rank as your now-previous main. If this is going to affect any in character things, such as that character being away, again, do let us know.

5) Officers reserve the right to ‘demote’ a person who they deem deserves it. As mentioned before, no Officer has higher power and all demotions will be discussed with all of us before being put into place. No Member/Veteran will be demoted without warning however, and we see it as a last resort to an issue.

6) If you are a part of the guild, even a recruit, you have our guild name above your head. No-one is perfect, everyone agrees on that, but we don’t appreciate members disrupting things for non-guild members. Be nice. Be sensible.

7) When it comes to crew skills, we encourage a free trade system amongst all members. There is a crew skills section on the forums so you can see who has the skills you’re looking for. Either make a request on that thread, or approach the person in game to ask for the item(s) you require. Bear in mind it may take that person a little while to gather materials or similar for it, so be patient! I’m sure their little crew of minions are working hard for you, though if it takes too long, they may need a friendly nudge.

Thank you for reading.

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The Violet Guide to the Assembly
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