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 Welcome to Our Forums

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PostSubject: Welcome to Our Forums   Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:19 am

Hello intrepid explorer! The Violet Moon Assembly welcomes you to our forums.

If you've come here from the main TOR forums, were directed here by a friend or found us by random, please take a look around the Recruitment section:

[Read before posting] A quick overview from your friendly neighbourhood Comms Admin, Trisae, of the forum rules. This saves any complications later so please read.

The Violet Guide to the Assembly A guide for how our guild works, useful for both prospective and new members.

We welcome anyone to sign up to these forums. If you have any questions, make a post to this thread or contact the following characters in game:

Merla (Jedi)
Darvell (Trooper)
Kalther (Smuggler)
Kuro (Smuggler)

*Recruitment into the guild is closed until further notice*

The Dark Side may have cookies, but we have CAKE
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Welcome to Our Forums
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