The Progenitor (EU) Republic roleplaying guild. Under construction
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 [Read before posting] Forum rules

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PostSubject: [Read before posting] Forum rules   Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:29 am


This is the website for the Violet Moon Assembly, a guild on The Progenitor (EU) on SW:TOR. It's undergoing some work at the moment, but will be brought underway very soon. With that in mind, there are some basic rules.

Doing any of this will earn you a warning, or if you're a troll, an instant ban. We don't tolerate jackasses in this guild.

  • Posting NSFW material without a tag (use [NSFW])
  • Posting links to malicious software
  • Posting sensitive information without the consent of the person in question
  • Being continually aggressive to moderators or the admin without just cause
  • Excessively harassing members via PM
  • Sexual harassment

If you come across an offending post, please report it by contacting any of the moderators or myself.


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[Read before posting] Forum rules
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